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Absence Makes The Cock Harder

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They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but for Jacob Marteny and Tal Taylor it's more accurate to say that absence makes the dick grow harder! The long distance relationship they've been managing over the net for a while now has kept them going, but when they meet up everyone better get out of the way, because nothing will stop them sharing those dicks with each other in a great fuck! Tal gets a real great fuck from Jacob in this scene!

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Long Distance Lovers

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Jacob Marteny and Tal Taylor have been maintaining a relationship for over a year now from opposite sides of the country. Thanks to the internet, these two are still together--but it's when they see each other in person that things get physical! The two eagerly kiss and grope each other and Tal quickly has Jacob's stiff boner down his throat. Jacob wants to remember what his boyfriend tastes like, too, and he's soon wrapping his lips around Tal's cock and burying his tongue in his ass. During their interview Jacob, with a smile, complained that Tal bottoms all the time (obviously he wants to get his ass pounded, too!) When Tal rolls over and offers up his hole, though, Jacob doesn't seem too unhappy about topping! He switches between fucking Tal's ass hard and slow, taking him first from behind in doggy before the two spoon on the couch. After fucking, the two kiss and stroke their cocks before each in turn blows a load on his toned stomach. Maybe we'll get these two in the same city, and on the same couch, again!

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Jacob Marteny Wants to Tag-Team a Girl?

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Jacob Marteny has done one-on-one, threesomes, and even foursomes, but he's got one fantasy left... Tag-teaming a girl with another guy! We might not be able to help him out with that fantasy anytime soon, but in the mean time, check out Jacob Marteny on Facebook and Twitter. He's also got a Youtube channel filled with hot dance videos.

March 3, 2012 jacobmarteny Blog Posts 0

Cruising Next to the Pool

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Jake Steel cruises the young Jacob Marteny out by the hotel pool, and after offering to share his sun block, the two end up in his room. After wetting each others cocks, Jacob backs his ass up on Jake's cock. In missionary, Jake slides his knob in and out of Jacob's ass before fucking him doggystyle. Jacob cums while being fucked and Jake pulls out quickly to semen on his back.

February 13, 2012 jacobmarteny Gay Porn Videos 0

Pizza Delivery Special

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While his wife is at class, Jake Steel calls his pizza place and asks for the usual. Alex Andrews arrives with trainee Jacob Marteny but soon disappears to the bedroom with Jake. Tired of waiting, Jacob goes to find out what's keeping them...and finds Alex with Jake's dong down his throat! Rather than run, Jacob joins in on the fun. These three have quite the naked romp, everyone is sucking and fucking. The bed is left covered in cream after all three men blow their loads.

October 24, 2011 jacobmarteny Gay Porn Videos 0

Andy Likes his “Marteny” Stiff!

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Jacob Marteny admits he doesn't know much about Andy Kay's "Tryouts" series, but after this scene, he'll be an expert! The two make out, strip each other down, and suck bone to get things started. When these two start fucking, the sound of flesh slapping flesh practically echoes off the walls! This is a flip flop scene, so both Andy and Jacob get to give it as hard as they get it. They finish things off by giving each other facials, seems only fair!

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Tickle & Fuck with Jacob and Kyler

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Jacob Marteny playfully tickles Kyler Moss as they kiss and undress each other. All play aside, though, this scene is dishes out some serious fucking! After Kyler sucks his balls, Jacob lubes up a long glass sex toy and shoves it up the other twink's tight ass. Kyler cries out as he's fucked with the toy, but of course begs for it harder. Jacob gives it to him harder--with his bone! He and Kyler fuck hard, Kyler even cums while they do. Jacob finishes off by covering his friend's face in hot spunk.

September 2, 2011 jacobmarteny Gay Porn Videos 0

When the Stripper Doesn’t Show, the Best Man Steps Up!

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Preston Ettinger's bachelor party is a total fail when no one shows up, not even the stripper! But former stripper turned best man, Jacob Marteny, won't leave him disappointed. He gives Preston a lapdance before giving up his ass to the groom, too. Jacob gets his ass eaten before he's fucked and has his face covered in Preston's spooge, now that's a best man!

August 15, 2011 jacobmarteny Gay Porn Videos 0

Warning: This Lollipop Will Make You Horny

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Jacob Marteny ordered some special candy online, guaranteed to make you instantly horny. Ryan Sharp is curious to try and, sure enough, after just a lick or two he's all over Jacob! After a lot of hot and heavy petting, Jacob can't wait to fuck Ryan's ass. That lollipop must have been strong because these two hit it hard. Jacob slams Ryan's ass from doggy to missionary and Ryan holds on for every minute of it!

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Don’t Cum in the Pool, Guys!

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Jacob Marteny and Jesse Jordan decide to go skinny dipping, but being wet and naked gets them in the mood for more than just swimming laps. After sucking Jesse's dick, Jacob asks, "looks like you have a nice ass, can I fuck it?" Hungry bottom Jesse is quick to eager, clinging to the edge of the pool as Jacob shoves his bone up his ass. After Jacob blows his wad all over his chest and face, Jesse shoots a hot load all over his stomach.

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